What You Need to Know About Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

The industry of custom sheet metal fabrication in Perth and the rest of the world as we know it is the product of a few straightforward processes: Welding, cutting, then machining, and finally, assembly. 

The industry has significantly improved from its earliest conception, as seen in da Vinci’s first sketches of a sheet metal technique in 1485. The industry is a part of many other industries including construction, energy, aerospace, and automotive industries. 

That said, many still don’t understand the process of metal fabrication. If this is something that interests you, read on as CSM Fabrication and Welding shares what you need to know about custom sheet metal fabrication:

What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal Fabrication is the process of taking raw sheets of metal and making them into a specific shape and size. This process is done by taking two or more pieces of metal and welding them together. The metal produced can be flattened or stretched into anything the maker desires. This process is repeated until the desired product is complete.

The Fabrication Process: A Breakdown

When you take a closer look at metal fabrication, you’ll notice that each process is broken down into steps that need to be followed. Doing this tedious process ensures that we get the best possible end product and help minimize errors and waste.

Metal Fabrication: The Steps:

Drawing: Before cutting and welding, you need to have a plan. Drawing is the first step in getting that plan. Through drawing, we’re able to see what the product is going to look like. This gives an idea of what tools are needed and how much material is going to be required. Drawing is the time to set your material, making sure that it’s the correct thickness.

Cutting: Cutting is the next step. Once you have your plan, cutting is when you get your raw material and start to cut it to the correct dimensions. This step is where you begin to see your product take shape.

Welding: Once you have the correct dimensions, the next step is to start welding. In this step, you work with a chiller, a welder, and a few other tools to get the job done. A chiller is a tool that is used to help the weld cool off faster and make it stronger, while a welder is what we use to fuse the metal.

Machining: This step is where we use a variety of machines to shape the material as we go. The machining process is where we make our product as close as possible to the original plan created. Most of the time, everything goes as planned, but there are times when we need to make some alterations. This is why we use a variety of machines to help us get the job done.

Assembly: The final step of the process is assembly. This is where we start taking things apart and putting them back together. This step is also where the product is inspected to ensure that we got exactly what we wanted.

The Benefits of Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication is an industry that has changed the world. The sector has sparked innovation, improved productivity, and increased economic growth. With so many industries using metal, it’s no surprise that the industry has grown this big.

The industry is so important because it helps so many industries. It’s important because it’s the backing for an industry that supports the economy, improves productivity, and increases production. Metal Fabrication is used extensively in the aerospace, automotive, military, and construction industries, to name a few.

The industry is essential for all of these reasons and more. It’s important because it’s an industry that is constantly finding new problems to solve. Metal Fabrication is used to make cars burn cleaner, make buildings taller, make planes faster, and make people safer. The industry strives to make things better to make for a better world.


While it’s not rocket science, metal fabrication is an important process that helps create the things we depend on. It’s an industry that’s full of diversity, innovation, and creativity. Metal fabrication in Perth, for instance, has proven to be a thriving industry that supports other fields, too.

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