Top 4 Benefits of a Press Brake in Metal Fabrication

A press brake machine can be an essential tool for metal fabricators in Perth. It offers numerous benefits, such as an increased capacity for complex operations, automation, better tolerance, and a general improvement in work efficiency.

What Is a Press Brake Machine?

A press brake is a machine that performs multiple functions, including cutting, blanking, punching, and more. Many industries have utilised this equipment to produce customised and OEM-designed parts from sheet metal. 

With origins dating back to the 20th century, the press brake is undoubtedly one of the most valuable machines used for manufacturing today. Some of the benefits of having one include:

1. Less Waste

Unlike other fabrication techniques, the press brake notably generates less material waste. This can be attributed to the machine’s ability to curve, cut, or bend sheet metal into accurate pieces, maximising the raw material used. 

Most press brake machines are computer numerically controlled (CNC), which means they are fully automated, and all of their components are designed to follow an effective procedure. Because of this, there is less waste produced. This allows operators to perform press brake operations efficiently and quickly. It also reduces the manufacturing lead time and cost burden on customers. There is also a decreased need for post-processing of the fabricated metal parts.

2. In-House Manufacturing

A press brake machine enables whole or partial in-house manufacturing for metal fabricators, particularly if sheet metal bending is concerned. Since having their own machine enables companies to manufacture their own materials, they can eliminate the need for offshoring, which is expensive and unsustainable at times.

Companies that do their own metal works in Perth can see how cost-effective it is to own a press brake machine in the long run. You don’t need to spend too much on training your team. Additionally, you can focus on in-house development for your long-term growth.

3. Creation of Complex Designs

The fabrication of sheet metal is essential for almost every industry. For example, construction companies need fabrications to create rafters, beams, and other structural materials for their projects. The food and beverage industry also needs metal fabrications to make equipment essential to food service, such as conveyor belts, weighing scales, mixers, and more.

The evolution of the press brake machine over the years is noteworthy. From being equipment used to bend metals into shape, it can now create more complex designs. Nowadays, press brakes come with customisable parts, which allows fabricators to perform various tasks, including burring, coining, and bends, to name a few.

4. Automated Operations

Depending on the requirements, a press brake machine can be operated manually. It can also be semi-automated or fully automated. Regardless of how it is run, this equipment is essential in improving the accuracy of parts and decreasing labour expenses.

Thanks to automation, tasks that used to be completed manually can now be performed more quickly and efficiently. The fabrication abilities of press brakes make this possible. If your company wants to increase productivity and production rates, it’s time to invest in your own press brake machine.


A press brake machine can help speed up a company’s manufacturing process, reduce waste, create complex designs, and much more. Thanks to this equipment, many industries can have the exact tools they need for their craft. 

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