Comparing the Features and Utility of MIG and TIG Welding

When you’re in the business of construction, selecting the most appropriate equipment for the job is of utmost importance. For instance, the right welding type can make a big impact on how your project looks and lasts. 

The appropriate welding process ensures that the wire stays together even when stressed. There are numerous other forms of welding, but MIGand TIG welding are the most prevalent. 

If you can’t tell which one is which, you can learn about the differences between MIG and TIG welding and how to pick between the two in the following sections.

Explaining MIG and TIG Welding

MIG welding (Metal Inert Gas) includes four main components. To establish an electrical arc between the item being welded and the consumable wire doing the welding, you’ll need a consumable wire electrode.

The wire electrode is attached to the welding gun’s tip, which is extremely hot in order to melt the wire fed into it. The welder applies it to the base object while maintaining high temperatures, forcing it to heat up as well, and the two are thus welded together.

Shielding gas is the final step in MIG welding. This passes through the welding gun and forms a protective shield over the fresh weld, preventing impurities from infiltrating and damaging the weld.

Tig welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) is quite similar to MIG welding. TIG still uses a wire to feed and heat up to melt the base material and make the weld. However, it varies in some aspects.

In contrast to the MIG method, this method uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode. The wire is held in the operator’s other hand and touched to the electrode to melt into the base item, rather than feeding thru the welding gun.

Finding the Jobs Each Welding Type Is Best Used

MIG and TIG welding have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Looking at MIG welding first, it’s ideal for novices because the most difficult element of the process is adjusting the machine’s parameters.

MIG welding is ideal for thin metals and may be used on most metal surfaces. However, different metal surfaces require different combinations of shielding gas and wire feeding speed. Another disadvantage of MIG welding is that the welds must be made on the cleanest of surfaces. 

That means the welder will have to clear any debris, rust, or paint from the welding surface before starting to weld.

As for TIG welding, it’s a more difficult procedure than MIG welding. TIG welding requires two hands: one hand holds the welding gun with the tungsten electrode, and the other hand grips the melting welding wire.

Because of this procedure, TIG welding is widely regarded as producing a cleaner, more beautiful weld than any other process. The weld has the potential to be considerably stronger and closer to perfection because the operator has so much more control over the wire.

TIG welding also needs a clean welding surface free of debris, rust, or paint for it to work flawlessly. It can be a little slower in the welding process, depending on the operator’s coordination and skill.

Choosing the Type That Best Suits Your Project

MIG and TIG welding have their time, place, and fitting project. The question for you is this: Which is the best option for your project?

For routine work, experts recommend MIG welding because it’s a terrific alternative to have—whether you’re a professional welder or a hobby welder.

MIG welding is also a relatively simple operation that can be learnt quickly. It’s not recommended for outside welding, though, since strong weather conditions will reduce the effectiveness of the shielding gas.

Now, if you need a meticulous job done, TIG welding is the way to go. Because the operator has so much more control over the weld, this style of welding is preferable. However, this makes learning more difficult and requires more patience with each work.


Choosing between MIG and TIG welding is a matter of determining which is more appropriate for you. You don’t have to worry about the decision-making process if your contractor or foreman has an experienced team behind them who have all of the necessary knowledge and manufacturing skills.

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