7 Common Real-World Applications of Steel Channels

Hot rolled steel channels are a type of steel product. It features a vertical web with horizontal top and bottom flanges, as seen in the cross-section. These are available in a variety of diameters and web thicknesses. Steel channels have a good structural strength due to their general shape, making them excellent for frames and bracings. Steel channels are commonly used to manufacture vital and robust equipment or construction components. Take a look at seven of the most common steel channel uses.

1. Beam Supports

Beams are one of the most commonly used components of a structure. To support the varying weight of the building, it is necessary to use strong and durable beams. Steel channels are usually used for this purpose. This is because it has a strong and resistant web, and sufficient flanges for the beam to be supported. Steel channels are used for support in structures such as bridges and cranes.

2. Trailers

To convey cargo from one point to another, trailers will be used. These are open-top frames, and are built to accommodate the cargo. The frames will have to be strong and durable. Steel channels have been used in the construction of such trailers.

3. Door and Window Frames

These are frames that are put on the exterior or interior of a structure. These are important in the protection of a building, which is why it should be durable and strong. Steel channels are one of the most common materials used in the construction of such frames.

4. Walls

The walls of a building have to be strong for the structure to be supported. If the wall is not strong enough, the chance of the structure collapsing increases. Therefore, the walls need to be strong. Again, steel channels are used in the construction of such walls.

5. Roofs

The roof of a structure is like the walls. It should be strong enough to support the weight of a possibly heavy structure. Again, steel channels are used in the construction of a strong and durable roof.

6. Vehicle Frames

The frames of vehicles such as cars and trucks should be strong. This is to support the weight of the vehicle and to withstand collision. Steel channels are used in the construction of such frames.

7. Metal Buildings

Steel channels, as described at the beginning of this essay, are an important component of metal constructions. They are employed in the construction of commercial, industrial, and sometimes residential structures, together with I-beams and other steel goods. Among other things, steel channels can be used as girts, studs, bracing, and joists. The steel channels are utilized where the additional strength of the I-beams is not required. Steel channels are generally the major supporting component that gives strength and sturdiness throughout the construction and are welded, bolted, or riveted.


The uses of steel channels are varied. They cannot only be used in construction and manufacturing. It can also be used as storage support and even as a vehicle frame. This shows that steel channels are a versatile product.

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