Sheet Metal Fabrication 101: A Basic Knowledge Guide – Part 1

Before deciding to use a new manufacturing process, you must understand that particular technology’s fundamentals. That means you should be familiar with that specific manufacturing process, how it works, its advantages, and more. 

If that manufacturing process happens to be sheet metal fabrication, then you need not go elsewhere for information, as one of your trusted sheet metal fabricators in Perth shares the basics about this process with you:

What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is a manufacturing process wherein flat, rolled metal plates are cut, bent, and made into other shaped parts. It is a type of metalworking that is most commonly used on large-scale metal parts such as auto bodies, buildings, bridges, and more.

What Is the Design Process for Sheet Metal Fabrication?


When you need a product made from sheet metal, you should first consider the product you want to make and the purpose it is meant to serve. One of the most important steps here is to come up with a product design that is not only functional but also aesthetic. You should thus not underestimate the importance of form and aesthetics when deciding on a product design.

Creation of Engineering Drawings

Once the design for the product is settled, you should then consider the manufacturing process that you will use. In this case, you will use sheet metal fabrication, which means that you need to create engineering drawings that show how the flat plates will be cut, bent, and shaped into the design you want. These drawings are also used to determine if you can employ that technology to create the product you want.

Analysis of Manufacturability

The reason you need to create the engineering drawings is to help you analyze how amenable the manufacturing process is to creating the product you want. By performing analysis, you will be able to measure the feasibility of the product in terms of its materials, equipment, and labor costs.

Prototype Development and Testing

When you are confident that the product you want to make is viable and that you can go ahead and use the selected manufacturing process to create it, you should then develop a prototype of that product. This prototype will be used to estimate the costs and the time that it takes to manufacture the final product so it should also be tested.

Full-Scale Production

After carefully managing the creation of the prototype and testing it, you should then move on to manufacturing the final product made from sheet metal. This stage is where the actual production for the product you designed based on the technologies you chose is done.

The processes involved in the production of sheet metal are:

  • Cutting
  • Stamping
  • Bending
  • Punching
  • Welding

These processes are needed to conceive the final product you have designed.


The above article has given you the basic foundational knowledge you need regarding sheet metal fabrication. It is crucial that you learn more about the process and its possible applications so as to take advantage of the technology to create any product you designate.

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