Top Safety Tips for Using a Sheet Metal Bending Machine

If you’re an employer interested in creating sheet metal products, you might use equipment like sheet metal bending machines. Although this equipment reshapes sheets and tubes and is safe to use, it can be dangerous when used incorrectly. As an employer, make sure your workers know how to use the equipment safely and understand the dangers related to bending sheet metal.

Top Safety Tips for Using a Sheet Metal Bending Machine

1 – Always Wear Protective Gear

Make sure workers know to wear safety gear at all times when using sheet metal bending machines. This includes a face shield, safety glasses, safety shoes, and earplugs or earmuffs.

Even when the equipment isn’t in use, make sure workers wear protective gear, like gloves and protective clothing. Even when the equipment isn’t in use, it can cause injury if you’re caught in the machine or if you get too close.

2 – Never Wear Jewelry

Wearing jewellery when using a sheet metal bending machine is extremely dangerous. Small jewellery can get caught on the machine and rip through the skin. Finger rings, watches, and necklaces can cause injury if they get caught in the machine. Workers can be severely injured if trapped in the machine with jewellery on, so always remove all jewellery when working with this equipment.

3 – Check the Equipment before Use

Make sure workers know to check the equipment before using it. This includes checking for loose or broken parts, bent or damaged rails, and any loose wires. These problems can cause injury during use, so be sure to make repairs before using the equipment.

4 – Check the Electricity

Make sure workers know to check if electricity is off before using the machine. Sheet metal bending machines are electrically powered, and working with electricity can be dangerous. Make sure workers understand to shut off the machine and unplug it before working with it.

5 – Don’t Use the Machines If You’re Injured

Sheet metal bending machines can be dangerous if used incorrectly, so make sure workers know not to use them when injured. Even if the injury is minor, it’s best to get medical treatment before using the machine.

6 – Know Your Work Area

Before using a sheet metal bending machine, make sure you understand the work area. There should be nothing that could cause injury in the area, including loose materials and other obstructions. Make sure the area is large enough that workers can move freely without bumping into anything.

7 – Follow Safety Instructions

Make sure workers understand to follow the machine’s operating instructions. These instructions are there to prevent injury and make sure the machine is used correctly.


Safety standards are put in place to protect workers and make sure they can do their jobs in a safe condition. Sheet metal bending machines are pretty safe to use, but they can cause injuries under the wrong circumstances. If you own a sheet metal bending shop or work in one where sheet metal bending machines are used, make sure your workers understand the safety tips above. Using the machine correctly can prevent serious injuries, so make sure workers are educated on how to use it properly.

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